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2014 digital transformation survey : financing and technological assistance are central to the digital transformation of companies

ECONOCOM 21 Oct 2014

Who in an organisation is most affected by digital transformation? What are the obstacles that are slowing down the process and how can they be overcome? Find out through our survey on the digital transformation of companies, published today in conjunction with L’Usine Nouvelle and Sage.


From connected shop windows to digital classrooms and from connected warehouses to smart administrative services, organisations need to deploy digital technology now in order to become more innovative and competitive.
C-level managers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of digital technology: 33.5% see it as a major growth driver. And yet, as we recently said on this site when Roland Berger and McKinsey published reports on the subject: impossible isn’t part of an entrepreneur’s vocabulary, and everyone across the entire organisation should be involved in the transformation, as the potential is huge. Digital transformation could enable organisations to improve their results by 20 to 50%.


Company heads are becoming more and more aware of this potential: our survey revealed that 64.2% of the companies polled believed it could make their production more competitive, whilst a vast majority of them (63.6%) think that digital technology would have a positive impact in terms of managing technical data – which would in turn improve their competitive edge.



So why have some organisations still not adopted digital technology? First of all, despite the various solutions currently available, 60.9% of companies are put off by the issue of financing projects and equipment – and with good reason: it requires substantial digital investments to transform an organisation.


Another notable result of our survey: 38.9% of respondents say lack of resources and skills are an obstacle to digital transformation. This is hardly surprising, given that only 27.8% of the decision makers polled said they had created a new digital transformation-related position (i.e. Chief Digital Office or similar) within their company. Given the importance of change management in a successful digital transformation project, this is particularly revealing.
Another major issue is data security: 29.1% of respondents cited this as an obstacle to digitalising their organisation, whilst a large number of companies are insufficiently security-aware or security savvy: 40.3% believe their data isn’t any more vulnerable because of the rise of digital technology.

In order to take the plunge, organisations need financing solutions and technology support. They also require a clear assessment of return on investment (52.4%), financing solutions that are tailored to their digital projects (24.4%), more information on what digital can offer their business (34.8%), as well as expert advice (26.6%). And this is what “Digital for All, Now” is all about: ensuring that decision makers are aware of the potential of digital solutions in terms of competitive edge and offering end users better quality of service. The solutions are already there, but they haven’t yet been widely adopted across organisations, which means there are still major obstacles. These obstacles need to be overcome, now, in order to fulfil the potential of digital!


See the results of the 2014 Digital Transformation Survey in the infography.


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