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#Agriculture: wearables for cows!

Econocom 12 Dec 2016

Wearables to revolutionise the dairy sector? Why not! This idea was born in India, but it’s obviously not about cows wearing Apple Watches. Start-up Stellapps Technologies uses wearables and IoT sensors embedded in milking systems to collect data which will be analysed later. The aim is to closely monitor milk production and address the lack of expertise in certain regions of the country. We found out more with The Economic Times (India).


After flooding the retail, health and automobile sectors, wearables are now being used in agriculture. While the idea of connected agriculture is not new (many animals are already equipped with GPS or even pedometers), the aim of Stellapps Technologies’s project is rather unique: an overall transformation of dairy farming. In fact, even though India is the world’s biggest milk consumer, production techniques are now outdated.


“Keep calm & Moo”


The start-up’s project is based on SmartMoo. This router and IoT inspector collects data thanks to sensors that are placed all along the production and supply chains: not only the animal wearables but also sensors on milking and cooling systems. This data is then processed and analysed, before being sent to the various people involved, especially farmers.


“We figured that in agriculture there is a crying need for remote management as it is difficult to get local expertise on-premise”, says Ranjith Mukundan, the start-up’s CEO. Data collection and analysis bring the necessary intelligence tools to all the players in the sector. Moreover, with its low hardware costs, the start-up’s technology is affordable and can be used by all types of farms, whatever their size.


Its innovative power is arguably what has allowed Stellapps to stand out from the competitors and helped the company triple in size over a year. The next step will be expanding its activity to other emerging markets such as Africa, South Asia, and Latin America, and possibly Europe and the United-States. Digital for all, now and everywhere!


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