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Back to school – and connected: five uses that are revolutionising the classroom!

Econocom 8 Sep 2017

As students and teachers go back to school, we take a look at five digital uses that are revolutionising schools and the way classes are taught. From digital working environments to digital roll calls and the flipped classroom, check out our guide to connected schools!
Learning methods, workspaces, the teacher-student relationship: digital has revolutionised the education sector and revamped the traditional classroom. Place your cursor on the photos and click on the black circles to find out about five new uses introduced by the advent of digital in education!

Check out our round table at #VivaTech again with teaching and education experts on the theme: “How EdTech is transforming teaching” (in French).


Julien Cohen-Solal – Co-Founder of Kartable

Véronique Blanc – Director of the CERPEP

Loïc Tournedouet – Director of Digital Strategy for Afpa

Benjamin Six – Director of the K-Lab, ESSEC Business School

Sophie Hirat – Education Market Director for Econocom


And find out about Econocom’s vision of the future of education with this Op-Ed by Véronique di Benedetto, VP of Econocom France (in French).

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