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Cédric Messeguer, Digital Security: “Without the support of a major group, we couldn’t have got started”

Econocom 15 Jul 2015

The Internet of Things is a real industrial revolution. Healthcare, logistics, home automation, smart city… Connected devices are proliferating in both personal and professional spheres and experts predict that there will be tens of billions of them by 2020. But such mass deployments shouldn’t jeopardise an organisation’s security – which is why Cédric Messeguer, former international sales director for Telindus Belgacom ICT, had an idea for a business venture a few months ago: to create the first European CERT dedicated to IoT security, Digital Security. And to make this ambitious project happen, the entrepreneur decided to team up with Econocom.



So what qualities does a future entrepreneur need? What sort of obstacles can they come across? Why join forces with a major group? We asked Cédric Messeguer about his unusual career path.



Before setting up Digital Security, Cédric Messeguer acquired his expertise in IT security while working for Telindus, a telecommunications specialist that belonged to Belgacom before it was bought out by Numericable. Just over a year ago, Messeguer, an engineer by training, resigned. He has three choices: get a job with another company, go freelance, or do something more ambitious and set up his own company. He made a decision very quickly and in March 2015 set up Digital Security, with support from Econocom Group.





In the middle of the boom in connected devices and IoT, Cédric Messeguer put together a crack team of experts in the sector, all of whom agreed on one point: despite the proliferation of connected devices, security policies are virtually non-existent.


And that’s how the idea to create Europe’s first CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) dedicated to IoT security came about. The aim of this team is to lend its expertise to resolve security incidents for their clients, keep pace with the latest news in the IoT market and share information with other CERTs all over the world. Officially launched on 17 June this year, Digital Security will employ around a dozen people by September.



“TO BE AN entrepreneur, YOU NEED TO HAVE A vision”


Everything was ready for Cédric Messeguer: thanks to Econocom Group’s powerful sales force, they’ve already signed their first clients. But it wasn’t without its complications: setting up a business requires an iron will and unshakeable belief in the idea behind it.


Endless red tape, a volatile market: setting up a business all plain sailing, and in an increasingly competitive market, the help and support of a mentor, investor or a major group can be vital.




For Digital Security, teaming up with Econocom seemed a logical choice. Of all the companies Messeguer had contacted, it was the only one that offered a tailored partnership that struck the right balance between support and independence and was thus perfectly in tune with the entrepreneur’s needs.


Messeguer couldn’t have got his company off the ground with the group’s assistance because Digital Security required hiring specialist staff and having offices and a laboratory – all of which require substantial funding.


The partnership between Digital Security and Econocom was built on a long-term basis. Whilst the group can offer a powerful sales force and the necessary financing to ensure rapid growth, the startup brings agility and innovation: where Digital Security is concerned, young entrepreneurs and major groups is a match made in heaven!



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