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Digital: a booming job market

Econocom 13 Feb 2015

Despite consistently rising unemployment figures in France, certain sectors such as digital technology are hiring: over 10,000 job offers were advertised in Q4 2014. Two profiles are particularly sought after: Developers and Specialists.


Measuring the impact of the digital transformation on the job market to ensure better human resource allocation

Conducted jointly by Cap Digital, the French business cluster for digital content and service, and Multiposting, one of its members, the very first “jobs in the digital industry” survey was published on 29 January  (in French).


Stéphane Distinguin, Chairman of Cap Digital, wanted to conduct the survey in order to assess the “actual impact” of the digital transformation on employment and thus gain an “overview of the vacancies available and skillsets in demand, but also the advantages of the industry for potential candidates.” Analysing this data will prove valuable for advising graduates, job seekers and employees looking to retrain for the skills and jobs of the future.



Developers and Specialists: digital’s Most Wanted


The dynamism of the digital market is reflected in the job market: 10,000 job offers were posted in France in Q4 2014, according to Cap Digital. The most sought-after areas of expertise were the following:

– administrators

– project managers

– developers

– marketing, communications and sales staff

– specialists

– IT analysts


These skills are greatly in demand on the job market: Developers and Specialists in particular account for two thirds of offers (38% and 24% respectively).


– Developers

In this category, data jobs (Data Scientist, Big Data Engineers, etc.) are on the rise (25.5% in a year). The demand for big data, dubbed the “new oil of the 21st century”, is particularly high in the healthcare sector.


– Specialists

The need for Specialists is a result of the digitalisation of all industry sectors, generating new requirements, particularly in terms of enterprise server and personal data security.


Interestingly, the more traditional areas such as marketing, sales and communications only account for about 1% of the total job offers: with these industries becoming increasingly digitalised, the skills required for them are also shifting over to the digital category.



Training is key

“The number of applicants isn’t increasing fast enough, which means the recruitment market is increasingly tight,”

says Simon Bouchez, Managing Director of Multiposting.

Jobs as Developers and Specialists don’t have a huge appeal and companies are having a hard time finding the talent they need. To attract more people to the industry, Cap Digital is organising an event on 2 April called “How I met my startup”, a sort of networking event for startups, students and job seekers.


“Digital for All, Now” is also a powerful weapon against unemployment!


Photo credit: Quentin Chevrier – Museomix (Flickr : licence CC 2.0)

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