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Digital schools in the Seine-Saint-Denis : an “educational shock”

Econocom 31 Oct 2014

For the youngest department in France, digital for all in schools is already happening…

The second biggest budget for the French government in 2014, education is a major issue and a vital “hub of republican values” that must be supported at all costs, as Pascal Ribaud, Director of Youth and Sports for the Seine-Saint-Denis departmental council, recently said.

In order to fulfil this ambition, Pascal and Stéphane Troussel, president of the Seine-Saint-Denis council, recently opened one of the department’s first twelve “totally digital” junior secondary schools.


“When building these third-millennium schools, we wanted to show that schools have to take the plunge where digital technology is concerned,” says Stéphane Troussel. “We want to bring about an ‘educational shock’.”

Mission accomplished: the schools, which have an average of 600 students, have now been supplied with 400 PCs, 200 tablets, dynamic digital screens, colour printers and even 3D printers.
So what do the teachers, parents and pupils think? Here is the answer in video (in French) !



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