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Education : “Tablets make for a more active learning experience“

Econocom 11 Dec 2014

At Educatec-Educatice, an education event which took place last week in Paris, Econocom ran a series of workshops during which teachers of different subjects demonstrated the advantages of digital tools.


This gave Karine, a music teacher at a junior secondary school, the opportunity to show how tablets can prove valuable by combining several different subjects in a single project.


“For students to perform a complex task, which means carrying out a project from A to Z, tablets are amazing,” she explains. “The students can actually see what they produce and the only limit is their creativity.”


Karine then gave a demonstration, using us as the students. Armed with an iPad mini, we launched the iMovie editing software and made a film using various extracts of videos, with a voice-over and soundtrack.


“The touch-screen technology means there’s much shorter time between having an idea and putting it into practice,” says Karine. “It’s intuitive for the students. They think of something, try it out, and either carry on our start again. It saves a lot of time, so they learn better and faster, because it’s a more active learning experience. It’s our job to assist them in carrying out tasks to ensure overall consistency and not lose sight of the purpose of the exercise.”


Tablets are therefore a major asset for education in that they decompartmentalise subjects and ensure a more seamless learning experience. Students are more focused and enthusiastic because they actively produce something. And the skills used are extremely diverse: each of the exercises requires attention to punctuation and general coherence. Students have to apply their ability to reason, their language skills, and carefully and clearly express themselves. They also need certain technical skills such as using images, sound and videos as well as document presentation – all of which will prove valuable in their future careers.


Photo credits: Student Ipad School photo by Brad Flickinger, licence CC BY 2.0

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