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eHealth: empowering patients

Econocom 17 May 2017

Providing a patient-centric hospital experience is the main challenge for eHealth today – and digital makes this possible. Find out from Frédéric Mocellin, Business Development Manager Digital HealthCare at Econocom and Ludovic Jaquet, chairman of Cineolia, the Group’s specialist in providing digital services to improve patient comfort, how technology can streamline the patient experience and empower patients.



Are you about to go to hospital? You can already get ready for your stay thanks to apps that enable you to find out about your condition or the procedure you’re going to have, book your parking space, and even submit your TV and Internet preferences!


This reassures people about their hospitalisation,” explains Frédéric Mocellin, Econocom’s Business Development Manager Digital HealthCare. “Until now the patient experience in France has mainly been focused on treatment, rather than patient comfort. With digital, patients can have more control over their care.”


Ludovic Jaquet, chairman of Cineolia, adds: “These technologies already exist, but they haven’t been widely deployed at hospitals in France. Some have implemented certain tools, but haven’t yet reached the stage of deploying an entirely digitalised care package. And that’s where Econocom stands out: we have a galaxy that can address every aspect of the patient experience!





Completing the admission form, finding the right department – or even just the coffee machine in the hospital’s maze of corridors: all this is easy, thanks to the interactive touch-screen kiosks deployed by Cineolia.


It’s our job to use digital to provide services. For example, at Troyes hospital, we developed a kiosk for managing everything from patient admissions to finding your way around the hospital and ordering services during your stay,” explains Jaquet.





There’s a growing demand from hospital patients for easy access to services,” says Frédéric Mocellin. That’s how they came up with the idea of turning the patient’s TV screen into a “window to the outside world,” adds Ludovic Jaquet, thanks to “a modular Internet and phone package and 42 channels, including paid ones if the patient has a subscription.”


The latest services digital has given rise to? “Social networks and portals for families, so the patient’s loved ones can share photos, videos and messages, are increasingly popular,” says Mocellin.


For patients at Montpellier hospital, we created a temporary email address so they can receive messages of support while they’re in hospital. They can access this email account just by clicking on an icon on the TV,” explains Ludovic Jaquet.





Digital continues to play an important role after the patient is discharged. “We can do a lot with applications,” says Frédéric Mocellin. “Monitor treatment, handle all the administrative side of things, but also watch video tutorials if the patient needs rehabilitation, for example.


Digital is also a way to bring medical services to ‘medical deserts’, i.e. remote areas with little or no available healthcare,” adds Ludovic Jaquet. “For example, if patients are on medication that needs to be ordered, it can be delivered to their local pharmacy: that way, they’re sure to get their treatment on time.”


Econocom, which is at Paris Healthcare Week from 16th-18th May, offers a myriad of services such as these, assisted by Cineolia.

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