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From shop floor to warehouse : digital technology revolutionises retail

Econocom 15 Sep 2014

Anyone can now order a book on an e-commerce site and receive it within twenty-four hours with just a few clicks. Buy why shouldn’t brick-and-mortar stores also benefit from the digital wave to make their organisation more agile? An article on French IT portal 01Net this month looked at the digital technologies that are revolutionising the buying and selling experience.


Already set to modernise and reshape cities by saving energy and money whilst maintaining quality of service, RFID tags could also revolutionise the retail sector, thanks to their tracking capabilities and ability to send data directly to digital devices.


With this technology, retailers can locate products in the warehouse from the store. Another key advantage: staff no longer have to manually scan products in a basket one-by-one, but just put the whole basket through a reader bay which detects all the RFID tags in record time.




French sports goods chain Décathlon has fitted 85% of its products with RFID tags, thus saving time and money whilst improving customer relations.

In the store’s warehouse, meanwhile, the inventory process is considerably easier thanks to RFID-reader “rackets” that detect tags on the pallets five times faster than the traditional system.


The digital revolution is also happening on the shop floor: sales staff armed with smartphones or tablets can check stock levels and product features in real time.


With more effective stock management and faster access to data, store staff are free to focus on customer service. Customers, meanwhile, are more autonomous thanks to the “click and collect” system whereby they can by products online then pick them up directly from the store of their choice, whilst benefiting from real-time order tracking throughout.


Simplicity, efficiency, time saving: digital technology is bringing retail into the future.



Photo Credits: Nicola since 1972, via Flickr Licence CC

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