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#Healthcare: A digital simulation platform to improve medical training

Econocom 17 Oct 2016

Virtual clinical cases for students, teachers and healthcare professionals:  that’s the purpose of MedicActiV, a digital simulation platform launched in October 2015. This French initiative is now being rolled out internationally, including a notable appearance at Stanford Medicine X, the world’s leading congress on the medicine of the future. We found out more about this innovative initiative.


“Consulting, creating and sharing virtual clinical cases whenever and wherever you want”: that’s the slogan of MedicActiV,  a platform devised by SimforHealth, the digital simulation department of Bordeaux-based startup Interaction Healthcare. The concept is tapping into a market that could be worth €600 million by 2019 and enables researchers or doctors to present “virtual clinical cases,” for example monitoring a patient with atrial fibrillation or how to perform postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation. Students, teachers and medical staff can consult the cases for training purposes via an immersive experience.

This collaborative teaching tool, based on the principle of serious games,  uses 3D and artificial intelligence and allows doctors to adhere to the ethical principle of “Never the first time on a patient.”

Patients will no longer have to suffer as a result of blunders made by staff attempting techniques for the very first time,” explains Professor Jean-Claude Granry, Chairman of the société francophone de simulation (French-speaking simulation society) (SoFraSimS).



“the Netflix of medical simulation”


Users can follow various types of training: individual or in groups. They all consult “virtual patients,” talk to them, examine their medical record and debrief them.

Since mid-2016, the platform has also had an integrated online engine for making virtual clinical cases, PatientGenesys, which can create 3D-clinical cases.



an essential tool for MEDICAL TRAINING


MedicActiV offers new possibilities in the fields of e-health and training. As Ronan Le Quéré, Managing Director of Interaction Healthcare-SimforHealth, explains:


“In the age of EBM –  Evidence-based medicine  – recommendations for treating illnesses are made by the leading scientific communities from all over the world and always affect medical practice beyond their own frontiers. Digital and in particular digital simulation in healthcare – aside from the ethical considerations which it addresses perfectly – are essential tools for sharing knowledge and best practices.”


Investors are equally enthusiastic about the impact of medical simulation in the healthcare sector: the company has just raised five million euros. “34% [will go into] simulation development and technology,” says Jérôme Leleu, chairman of Interaction Healthcare-SimforHealth. 32% will be used for business in order to roll out MedicActiV internationally and continue the 40% growth rate achieved in 2015.



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