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How to ensure a successful enterprise mobility project

Econocom 26 Oct 2017

An enterprise mobility project requires a great deal of investment, both personal and financial. From applications to subscriptions and managing devices and security, Econocom offers companies a tailored offering to suit all types of projects. We took a looked at a four-step process which was presented at the 2017 Mobility for Business expo in Paris.



Where enterprise mobility is concerned, Econocom aims to support companies with the digital transformation of their business, by offering them the right technology in the right place at the right time. But it’s not so much the technology but the way employees use it that’s important for the Group.


This is why Econocom always focuses on users’ needs first when building mobility projects with companies. From open source application development to subscription-based solutions, find out how to facilitate mobility deployments with four experts from the Econocom Galaxy:


  • Enrique Lopez, Technical Director DMS NORCOD, Digital Dimension
  • Charles Gresset, Managing Director, DMS NORCOD, Digital Dimension
  • Nicolas Raison, Technical and Innovation Director at Digital Dimension
  • Sébastien Fosset, Digital Transformation Specialist at Econocom


To find out also how Econocom has made mobility the central focus of its new premises in Plessis-Robinson, click here.

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