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Orange’s 4G kit for IoT: Encouraging digital makers to design connected devices

Econocom 26 Jun 2015

An all-in-one solution to design a connected device and test it on 4G: that’s what Orange is offering with its “4G kit for IoT”. Aimed at start-ups, fab labs and entrepreneurs, this little gadget can be used to create prototypes of IoT devices combining the advantages of mobility and high-speed internet.


Gartner estimates there will be over 25 billion connected things by 2020: every day, new devices are made to make our working and private lives easier. And for this innovative device, Orange has opted for an open innovation approach.


FacilitATING THE Emergence OF IoT


Olimex development board, 4G module, plug-in antenna, battery, Orange SIM card with data and software featuring a number of cloud functionalities (data storage and processing): the Orange 4G kit for IoT includes everything you need to design a new generation of connected devices.



Example of an Olimex development board


Designed in partnership with 4G chipmaker Sequans and Alcatel Lucent, the solution was devised as part of Bell Labs, whereby laboratories and startups can test their ideas on Orange’s 4G network and Alcatel-Lucent’s platforms. Part of a real open innovation approach, this project will enable Orange to assess the innovation community’s appetite for this type of solution, implement projects to allow it test and perfect its 4G network and attract the big IoT players.


The project is being run on an experimental basis from June to September 2015. Startups can apply for a free 4G kit online: Orange and Alcatel-Lucent will finance the first 200 kits.



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Photo credit: Teardown Central – Olimex LPC1341 Board / / Licence CC BY-SA 2.0


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