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Normandy Chamber of Commerce: a serious game about competitive intelligence

Econocom 22 May 2015

Over the past few years, serious games or educational video games have been rolled out in a number of organisations. From HR to healthcare and education, a number of industry sectors are using these fun, interactive tools to get across messages or simplify information. A few weeks ago, the Normandy Chamber of Commerce and Industry began experimenting with it. The purpose of the project is to provide training in competitive intelligence for company heads and employees, focusing on topical issues such as data security, social networks and hacking. 

Serious game - CCI Normandie

In the Chamber of Commerce’s competitive intelligence serious game, the player plays the part of Henri or Marie, who works for ZDONG Innovation, a company that makes electronic springs in a series of scenarios such as data or prototype theft, website hacking, fraud, etc.

Each of the interactive mini-scenarios conveys a message about best practices such as non-disclosure clause, data backup etc., and includes links to the websites of various organisations. If users wish to find out more, they can contact the Chamber of Commerce.

Serious Game CCI Grand Hainault

It’s not the first time a French Chamber of Commerce has experimented with serious games: last year, the Grand Hainault’s chamber developed Ma Ch’tite entreprise, a game designed to promote entrepreneurial spirit in the north of France by allowing players to test their knowledge on the basics of running a company.


Learning games such as those developed by the Normandy and Grand Hainault Chambers of Commerce are designed to engage and stimulate members of the public and thus facilitate the learning process. It’s a testament to the increasing popularity of gamification that video games have found their way into traditional fields such as insurance, agriculture and science: the digitalisation of society is well and truly underway!

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