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SNCF: The #Digitransfo of HR is well on track!

Econocom 24 Jun 2015

In February 2015, SNCF Group, the French national railways, presented #DigitalSNCF, a high-speed digital transformation programme. Now it’s the human resources department who are stepping up their digital transformation: they’ve just replaced their complex, in-house HR management system with a cloud-based solution. The aim was to simplify information sharing and ensure better career monitoring , which will in turn eventually have an impact on the company’s performance.


The SNCF’s HR transformation plan is a result of the Excellence 2020 strategic project which focuses on improving collective efficiency. And optimising performance requires updating the organisation’s IT tools. In an interview with French online startup magazine Maddyness, Delphine Comolet, the SNCF’s HR Transformation Project Manager, explained:


“Digital uses in private life are often ahead of professional ones, and not just for generation Y users: what happens on the outside the company influences what goes on inside, and it’s the same with human resources. […] So we reviewed our career management and internal mobility processes and updated our tools with Talentsoft, so that our HR team and managers can now offer better support and advice to our employees.”


Speeding up digital progress in terms of human resources means simplifying and homogenising processes and procedures. No more multiple entries, paper reports and endless emails thanks to information-sharing in the cloud. Communication between employees, managers and HR is now much easier and employees can be more actively involved in managing their career and training.




SNCF worked with software vendor Talentsoft, whose clients include Crédit Agricole, Aéroports de Paris, Groupama and Bolloré Group. Choosing an SaaS format, charged as a subscription without the need to implement any heavy infrastructures, was a “mini revolution” because it was one of SNCF’s very first forays into the cloud.


But the transformation didn’t stop there. For the past few months at SNCF, emails have been gradually phased out in favour of communication via the enterprise social network. And where training is concerned, videos are a very popular choice, which are often made using consumer technologies to ensure greater agility. Says Delphine Comolet, “It’s easier to refer to than some PDF file you’ll never open.”




At SNCF, tools are implemented with a UX design rationale in mind. As Delphine Comolet explains:


“We always start by focusing on users’ needs. Without that, there’s no point implementing any tools, however effective they are, because users won’t appropriate them.”


In order to bridge the gap between personal and professional use, a great deal of attention was paid to ergonomics and easy access to information. To that end, a mobile app will be launched in September 2015 so that the company’s 150,000 employees can access the in-house job offer platform. Users can also give feedback on the tools and suggest any possible improvements. According to the Project Manager:


“Whatever technology we roll out should be constantly adjusted to keep up with users’ needs.”




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