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Three tips on how to build a #DigitalWorkplace from Econocom

Econocom 15 Sep 2017

Econocom is transforming its workspaces. This involves helping employees learn new uses, practices and working methods. Which areas should you focus on? What advice should you give? Here are some valuable tips…





That’s the key to a successful digitalisation. A perfect example of this is Econocom’s new premises in Plessis-Robinson, where almost 500 employees moved to in July 2016 and where mobility is the watchword.

Basically, fixed PCs and landlines are out, the virtual office is in. Thanks to the cloud, employees can access their working environment, wherever they are. They all have Skype headsets and the building offers full Wi-Fi coverage.

The premises also feature video-conferencing rooms, and a Digital Bar, where employees can get help when they have an IT problem and attend workshops to learn how to use new tools.





There’s no point digitalising for the sake of digitalising: the processes implemented have to address employees’ needs. After all, beyond its technological aspect, digital transformation is about people.

To get everyone on board, you have to be able to question yourself, learn from your mistakes and move on. If people can’t get the hang of a tool, don’t try and force it on them, that will only undermine their confidence and motivation.

You’d do better to try out another tool, or change your approach – for example, live demos, mini-discovery workshops or training sessions in small groups. The important thing is that no one gets left behind!



our motto? “we care”


It’s not enough to roll out tools: for staff to get the hang of them and appropriate them, you have to support and help them and detect any problems.

Because building an effective digital workplace that employees embrace requires a little employee care.  This is particularly important given that 45% of companies say their digital transformation is hindered  by employees’ resistance to change!

The next step will be providing all staff with these technologies: Econocom employs over 10,000 people worldwide, all of whom will be moving into the age of the digital workplace!

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