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What #digitaltransformation governance have companies put in place?

Econocom 22 Oct 2015

Is there a dedicated digital function in your company? That’s one of the questions that was asked of over 400 decision-makers from 330 large French companies. And the results are encouraging: 4 out of 10 organisations have a person in charge of digital – typically a CDO or Data Manager. And it’s not just a fad: implementing such a position, particularly when the person reports to the Executive Committee, has a considerable impact on the progress of the digital transformation.


Econocom, SIA Partners and Ifop recently published a 2015 Digital Practices Survey. The survey, one of the most extensive of its kind ever conducted in France, lent valuable insights into the digital agility of large organisations by focusing on four main areas: customer experience, employee experience, governance and relationship with the ecosystem


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in 40% of organisations, digital is overseen by a CDO

Four out of ten large companies in France have created a dedicated digital position (CDO, Digital Manager, Data Manager, etc.). This rate is even higher in the service sector (50%). The Head of Digital is usually part of the IT department (42%) or Marketing (39%). The role is occasionally incorporated into HR (13%).


Half of these digital managers are members of the company’s executive board and 20% of them report directly to an executive board member: in 28% of the companies surveyed, digital is represented by an executive board member or one of their direct reports.


And yet, only 16% of companies deem that their executive board is very involved in the digital transformation. Whilst the CAC 40 companies scored poorly on this point (14%), organisations in the services sector were notable for their executive board’s involvement: 30% rated their involvement as “very high” and 63% “high.”


In all cases, the executive board’s involvement and the appointment of a digital manager, particularly if he or she reports to the executive board, have a definite impact on all areas of the digital transformation.




When asked which areas have been transformed by digital, most decision-makers cited communication and advertising (78%), marketing (75%), customer service (75%) and sales (75%). Admin and support functions – human resources and logistics – were also mentioned by more than one in two companies.


In terms of market monitoring, 3/4 of organisations have implemented an active policy for monitoring digital innovations: here too, the service industry is the most active (82%). Almost all CAC 40 companies monitor digital trends (87%).


Over half the companies use open innovation, often via partnerships with innovative companies. And the number of such partnerships is one the rise: over 60% of companies claim they have increased the number of partnerships over the past three years – which confirms that open innovation is more than just a fad and companies are reinventing themselves…and possibly taking the opportunity to read the best practices we recommended this summer!



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